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            When Frank Sinatra had finished his concert at Scandinavium arena in Gothenburg, Sweden, in the early 90s, his band gathered around the piano at the next-door hotel sky bar. At the piano was Swedish singer pianist Margareta Svensson.

            "Do you write your own music as well? they wanted to know. Following the next couple of original songs, Sinatra drummer Gregg Field urged Margareta:

            "You have to come to L.A. and we'll record you."


            Having been to New York for several consecutive years to train in musical theater, theater- film- and television acting, as well as dance all the while being a singer-pianist in her native Sweden and on cruise ships, Los Angeles had not been in her plans before. Now she packed her bags and went.


            Already as a five-year-old Margareta did her first public performance singing at a Red Cross Christmas Fair in her home town, and from there went on to go with her mother, who was a registered nurse, to sing for the ill and elderly at the hospital and nursing homes.


That's the journey Margareta Svensson Riggs is still on.

Being young and very Swedish, Margareta packed her bags and went.

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