“Margareta - a Swedish born beauty with a voice and personality to match.”

- Las Vegas Entertainment Today 


      “Jackpot in Las Vegas - Margareta is a success on the Las Vegas Strip” (Jackpot i Las Vegas - Margareta gör succé på stans största kasinon) 

- Expressen 


“She is the star to the stars” (Hon är stjärnornas stjärna)

- Hallands Nyheter 


     Margareta Svensson Riggs is a singer, pianist, songwriter and actress and her performance career includes more than 6000 engagements in Europe and the United States, she has opened seven major casinos and hotels in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and she is a Swedish television personality. Her audiences include celebrities and world leaders such as Paul McCartney, Tom Jones and Margaret Thatcher. Together with her husband Seth Riggs, Margareta Svensson Riggs is also a trusted voice teacher to superstars as diverse as Stevie Wonder, Brian Wilson and Avenge Sevenfold, and has been an expert judge on CBS' global talent show "The Wold's Best."


Already as a five-year-old Margareta did her first public performance singing solo at a Red Cross Christmas Fair in her hometown Tångaberg, outside Varberg on the west coast of Sweden. Earlier that year Swedish pop group ABBA had won the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton, UK, and Margareta knew what she wanted to be. Margareta's mother, who was in charge of the young Red Cross singers, was a registered nurse and brought Margareta along to sing for the patients at the hospital where she worked. At home Margareta played the piano, the guitar, any other instrument that happened to lay around, and the jump rope serviced as a microphone. When old enough to start, the public after-hours music school became Margareta's second home. Over a ten-year-period it gave her a thorough music education.


As a thirteen-year-old, Margareta would take her guitar and get on a bus to go  two hours away from home to engage in street singing. Margareta says; “ I was really shy, so I didn't dare to stay in the little town where everyone knew me, but I did love it. Later I have realized it was also the best school when it comes to learning how to create, excite and connect with an audience."


Margareta’s performances moved rapidly from the streets to indoor venues. When Frank Sinatra finished his concert at Scandinavium arena in Gothenburg, Sweden in the early 90s, his band gathered around the piano at the next-door hotel sky bar. At the piano was Swedish singer pianist Margareta Svensson.

            "Do you write your own music as well? they wanted to know. Following the next couple of pop originals, Sinatra drummer Gregg Field urged Margareta:

            "You have to come to L.A. and we'll record you."

And so she did.


Since then Margareta has appeared throughout Europe and in the U.S.A.


Audiences include royalties, world leaders, Nobel Prize Laureates, captains of industry and celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Paul McCartney, Lionel Richie, Dolly Parton, Kiss, Margaret Thatcher and many more.


Over a two-year period Margareta was sought after to open all the new resort-and casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada. Newspapers wrote "Jackpot in Las Vegas”. A contract was then offered at the famous Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, where Margareta performed both as a singer-pianist as well as a solo pianist and became used to having the biggest names in the entertainment industry come to hear her sing. Newspapers wrote:"She is the star to the stars."  


In 2005 Margareta went back to Las Vegas having been recruited by Steve Wynn to be part of the opening of Wynn Las Vegas and in 2008 she was hired to perform and take care of all music at the then brand new Montage Beverly Hills.


Though Five Star Five Diamond establishments have been much of Margareta’s home environment when it comes to solo piano and singing, she writes music, record and perform her stage show, and whether it is headlining, giving a concert, or providing entertainment for special events, Margareta is not a stranger to any of it. With her remarkable way of dealing with an audience she can excite any venue.  


Margareta is trained as an actor/dancer at Harvard University, Tisch School of the Arts (NYU) and Calle Flygare Teaterskola (Stockholm, Sweden,) and has been seen in a variety of roles. She is most known for her part as one of the four main characters on Svenska Hollywoodfruar (Swedish Hollywood Wives) season 5, that was filmed in Los Angeles in the spring of 2012, and first started airing on TV3 in the Scandinavian countries in the fall of 2012, with re-runs every year following. Season five has had the most viewers of all the seasons so far, and according to trade magazines saved the network.


As a singer, Margareta started taking voice lessons for world renown voice teacher to the stars, Seth Riggs, in the mid 90s. Ten years later they became a couple and their daughter was born in 2012. Margareta is trained by Seth not only as a singer but also in depth in his vocal technique. In the years they have been teaching together they have deepened the technique as well as expanded it. Together they give master classes and workshops worldwide, as well as teach one-on-one session. Their clients include a roster of legendary artists. They have studios in Stockholm and Los Angeles.

As a performer Margareta loves to share her music and connect with her audience. It doesn't matter if it's an intimate setting or a concert hall, she appreciates every audience and venue. Having heard Margareta after receiving the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Ferid Murad M.D/P.H.D, says, “Margareta was an artist that fully matched and complimented the elite company surrounding her… with her beautiful voice and classy persona.”