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        Though Hollywood is exciting in so many ways with so many great people, there is an element of Hollywood that when coming in contact with it is less attractive. With the original intention to write a song about this certain element, where many charlatans with behaviors not unlike the guilty's in what later has become known as the #MeToo movement, using and abusing in their quest to feed their own egos, advancements and pocket books, Margareta started to write Hollywood Hollyweird.

        Almost simultaneously she agreed to be one of the four starring actors on the Swedish hitshow Svenska Hollywoodfruar (Swedish Hollywood wives) season 5 - a sit-com/drama in the "reality" genre on Scandinavian TV3, and was later asked as part of playing herself on the show, if she could write a song inspired by something on the show.

          Hollywood Hollyweird was therefore written, demo-recorded and delivered on the show, still with its dual meaning and message - one universal based in the Hollywood industry - and one directed to another character in a show.


The song created headlines in Swedish media.                                                                                     As an independent release it made it to number 5 on the chart.                                                                    

Written by Margareta Svensson, Allan Rich and Alan Roy Scott.

Produced by Gregg Field 

Co-producers: David Das, Maurice Gainen and Margareta Svensson

Vocal consultant to Margareta Svensson: Seth Riggs

Recording engineer: Jorge Velasco

Mastering engineer: Randy Merrill, Sterling Sound

Art work: Charlotte Noble

In 2018 Margareta did the music video for the song with its original and universal meaning with equal parts entertainment and reality mixed, just as it was also originally written. 

Music video:

Director: Margareta Svensson Riggs 

Videographer and editor: Rudy Ruiz

Hair and Make up artist: Jeffery Paul

Choreographer: Stacy Walker


Margareta Svensson, Michael Smith, Jeremy Oliver, Stacy Walker, Becca Sweitzer, Mark Hayes, Jeffrey Paul, Peggy Flinn.

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