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This song has a special place in my heart. Not only because I played it for Stevie Wonder and he immediately asked if I wanted to record it :-) - which I already had, and here it is. But because I wrote it for my daughter who is The Best Thing that ever happened to me. I started writing it already when I was pregnant and it stayed with me and popped up in my head, or when I was at the piano, often. I knew I had to complete it. By then my daughter was born and the lyrics continued to form. I asked fabulous Allan Rich and Alan Roy Scott who I had just written another song with, to help me and it is everything I wanted it to be. It is a love song for not just my daughter - my husband likes to think it's about him too, and it is - just like it is for that special someone -  son, daughter, husband, wife, sister, brother, mother father, dog, cat... who is the best thing that ever happened to you.

I love this song. I hope you do too.

Written by Margareta Svensson Riggs, Allan Rich and Alan Roy Scott

Produced by Zoux at BlueZoux Music in Los Angeles

Vocals and Piano: Margareta Svensson Riggs

Strings: Jeremy Rubolino String Quartet

Guitar: Michael "Nomad" Ripoll

Bass: Mike Torres

Drums: Fernando Jaramillo

Backing Vocals: Maiya Sykes

Vocal consultant to Margareta Svensson Riggs: Seth Riggs

Photographer: Alan Weissman

Make-up: Tara Shakespeare

Filmed at Steinway Piano Gallery Beverly Hills

Film photographer: Matthew Champagne

Make-up: Jayme Kavanaugh

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